Statement Earrings like no other...It's time to shine with a LAMYRA... a range of Earrings starting at only $49

Royalty Earrings & Headpiece Tikka Sets for that playful look...It's time to shine with a LAMYRA...Earrings and Tikka sets from only $69

Elegant Necklace and Earring sets that make any ensemble shine... Sets from only $89

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Summer Elegance Pendant and Earrings Gift Sets starting at only AUD29

The RAANI Bridal Set

An intricate Choker Necklace made with polki uncut diamonds and finished with a pearl drop; paired with Long Drop Earrings; a long necklace Raani Haar (Queen's Necklace); a beautiful 3-strand Tikka Headpiece; a pair of Hand Harnesses; a traditional Armband; completed by a wicked Nose Ring. Funny story behind this - The quality and finish of our LAMYRA Jewellery is so impeccable that our summer collection was detained at the customs office as it was mistaken for real gold jewellery :) The agony I've felt trying to get this to you would beat.. well... even childbirth agony haahaa :)

That's our promise to you - LAMYRA brings you only the finest, exceptional, first-class jewellery. It's time to shine with a LAMYRA!

 Email to find out more! Click on the thumbnails for bigger pictures so you can really appreciate the detail and intricacy of our craftsmanship!

The Purely Polki Set

A 3-strand Polki Necklace, Flower Earrings and Flower Tikka Headpiece set that has intricate meenkari work on the other side - so you could wear the blingy polki side at your wedding and then flip it around to the gorgeously subtle meena side for your reception or to any other event. PS: only the necklace and headpiece can be turned around and worn 2-ways, not the earrings.


The Emerald Green Raani Haar

Today I want to celebrate the colour green - Emerald Green... The color of growing foliage, between yellow and blue in the spectrum, green signifies royalty, balance, harmony and growth...

Presenting the LAMYRA Emerald Green Raani Haar (Queen's Necklace) Made with 4-strands of emerald green beads consolidated by a statement pendant crafted together with 36 circular polki diamond stones, 8 eyelet-shaped polki diamond stones, 4 square polki diamond stones finished by a single ambi-shaped polki diamond framed by crystals to achieve that balance and harmony that emerald green denotes.

But wait, that's not all. Turn it over. Be mesmerised by the detailed, intricate Meenakari enamel work on the other side, in red and green on white - the perfect balance to the green beaded strands.

Wear it two-ways. Pair it with statement polki earrings, petit earrings or a single anklet wrapped around your wrist.

Or not.

It's time to shine with a LAMYRA.

Email to be the first to get this exclusive piece. Now.


Eternal Love

This intricate design is called Eternal Love. It is inspired by the ineffable mingling of love and sorrow – a heart bursting with emotions of love, joy and happiness but also shattered into a million pieces – only to come out stronger – as strong as a diamond.


Summer Elegance Pendant and Earrings Gift Sets


Spring Collection 2015 - 'Sublime' Polki Diamond Necklace and Earrings Set

Spring Collection 2015 - 'Dancing Peacock' Pink and Green with Polki Diamond Necklace, Earrings and Headpiece Set

Promise Me Compassion Ring

Goldness of Gold Necklace

Promise Me Strength Ring

'Elegance' Pendant on chain with earrings

'Pristine Polki' Three-strand Necklace with Long Earrings and Headpiece

Bangle Bliss 'Divine'

Crystal Chandelier Jhumki Earrings

Bangle Bliss 'Slender'

Fuchsia Crystal Jhumki Earrings

Bangle Bliss 'Pearlescent Rows'

Ambi Crystal Chandelier Jhumki Earrings

Our Bestseller 'Peacock' Earrings

Our Bestseller 'Peacock' Earrings

'Royalty' Necklace and Earrings

Red and Green 'Regal' Statement Earrings

Purely Polki - Left 'Star', Top 'Flower', Bottom 'Elegance'

Pearlescent Sun Earrings

Bangle Bliss - Flower

Bangle Bliss - Flower

Polki Diamond Pendant on Pearl Strand

Pink, Green, Polki and Pearls - 'Dream' Statement Earrings

Red and Green One, Two, Three...

Pearlescent Flower Earrings

LAMYRA "Vintage' Polki and Antique Gold Choker, Long earrings and Headpiece.

Temple Coin Necklace

LAMYRA Jewels... It’s time to shine with a LAMYRA...